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Image Availability

This page provides information on Image Availability of recorded and registered land document images available through our search website.

Important Note: We are actively working on electronically back-indexing these older books to enable name searches. We will provide an update on our website once this process is complete!

Recorded Land

  • All Images Available: We have images of all recorded land documents from Book 1 to the present day (Book 11508 as of April 29, 2024).
  • Index Search (Books 484-Current): You can search for documents recorded in Books 484 and onwards using the grantor’s name, grantee’s name, or the property address through our regular search function.
  • Limited Search for Older Books (Books 1-483): Images for Books 1 through 483 are also available online. However, these books are not currently electronically indexed by name. To search these books, you will need to use the “Unindexed Property Search” option.
  • How to Use Unindexed Property Search:
    1. By default, our search is set to “Name Search”.
    2. To search Books 1-483, change the “Search Type” from “Name Search” to “Unindexed Property Search”.
    3. Enter the book number in the search bar and proceed with your search.

Registered Land

  • Search by Name (1960-Current): We have index data available for all registered land documents from April 1, 1960, to the present day. You can search for documents by grantor name, grantee name, or certificate number using our regular search function.
  • Search by Certificate Number (All Years): You can search for any registered land document, regardless of date, by using the certificate number. To do this, change the “Search Type” from the default “Name Search” to “Certificate Search”.

Important Note: While you can search by certificate number for all registered land documents, searching by name is currently only available for documents recorded from April 1, 1960, onwards.

If you have any questions or need assistance searching for documents, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us